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Jun 14, 2022

Member Spotlight: by KARRI

This week we would like to spotlight new member Tracy J, Founder of by KARRI. An advocate for taking care of our own health, Tracy set out on a mission to help create a solid foundation of wellness and healthy choices with children. She does this through her Children’s book 'How to Feed Your Ninjas’. These little soldiers armed with bananas and asparagus spears as weapons inspire and educate and they seem to have captured their attention. 

“I overcame an autoimmune disease by incorporating whole plant foods into my daily diet and have been symptom-free for 20 + years. I set out to research the immune system and dive deeper into how we can support our own health through healthy eating and exercise.”

Tracy aims to provide smoothies to children that may face food inequity through her messaging, ‘How to Feed Your Ninjas Spinach…in a Smoothie'. She came up with the idea on how to engage with the community through a Virtual Scavenger Hunt Event for adults on July 15th.  Along the way, you may pick up nuggets of inspiration, free dinners, classes, or discounts related to our health. “This is my effort to secure a healthy future for our children”. To learn more about the smoothie initiative or to take part in the Virtual Scavenger Hunt, www.bykarri.org for more details.