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Economic Reports

2023 Central Okanagan Economic Profile

The Regional District of Central Okanagan’s Economic Development Commission (COEDC) released the New Central Okanagan Economic Profile and the Q4 2023 Economic and Job Market Indicators in April 2024. These resources provide data designed to assist local businesses with informed decision-making. The data also empowers regional partners with tools to support their stakeholders and drive sustainable economic growth in the region.


Q4 2023 Economic and Job Market Indicators

The Economic Indicators Report is released quarterly by the COEDC and highlights key economic data for the Central Okanagan. The Q4 2023 Economic Indicators report includes cumulative statistics for nine economic indicators for the year to keep the public and business community informed on the region’s economic climate. The nine indicators are population growth, labour force, housing starts, building permit values, business counts, airport passengers, median new home price, average rent, and job postings. In the past year, there has been a notable 5.4% increase in the number of businesses within the Kelowna Census Metropolitan Area (CMA).

2022 State of the Southern Interior

This report was commissioned by the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce, and produced by MNP LLP in 2022. The report is informative and useful as a basis for some of the decision-making and planning which economic development practitioners, businesses and elected officials are involved with.



2019 Economic Report

This economic scorecard provides an evidence-based view of Kelowna's performance in comparison to 16 other cities in North America and internationally. Data was drawn from 78 sources to generate scores and grades on 24 indicators - 12 social indicators and 12 economic indicators.

Overall, Kelowna came in 10th out of 17 cities studied. The three highest scoring cities overall were: Boulder, Colorado; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Victoria, British Columbia. Kelowna's economic scoring results included:

  • 6th on Economic Indicators
  • 14th on Social Indicators
  • 3 (three) 'A' grades 
  • 5 (five) 'F' grades