What makes Ukraine an appealing market for Canadian businesses despite more than 7000 + km distance?

Even as the war continues, the global community is keenly focused on the topic of post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. The biggest financial institutions, governments of many countries, and private corporations are engaged in dialogues and actions to support Ukraine's rebuilding efforts and enable private businesses to participate in this process.

Join the the Canadian-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce for an engaging dialogue "Investigating Business Opportunities for Canadian Companies in Ukraine" bringing together experts from the CUCC, BDO in Ukraine, Trade Commissioner Service at the Embassy of Canada in Ukraine, Export Development Canada, and EBRD.

This is a prime opportunity to gain insights into exporting goods/services to Ukraine, establishing business, and finding investment prospects in the country.

The event is organized by the Canadian-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce with support of the Embassy of Canada in Ukraine.

Who should attend?

This event is ideal for business executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone interested in understanding the business potential in Ukraine.

Event topics

  • The current situation in Ukraine: an overview
  • Canada’s initiatives to strengthen partnership with Ukraine
  • All you need to know about the modernization of CUFTA and Trade Commissioner Service Support for Canadian companies
  • Business opportunities for Canadian companies in Ukraine
  • Managing Risks – Solutions by Export Development Canada
  • Financial Tools & Instruments by EBRD
  • Overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities – experience of a Canadian company in Ukraine
  • Doing business in Ukraine and the role of a local advisor in facilitating Canadian-Ukrainian business collaborations
  • A foreigner’s guide to Ukraine: safe travel, accommodation, and insurance essentials


Sherif Nagi, Senior Trade Commissioner, Embassy of Canada in Ukraine
Zenon Potichny, President of the Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce
Vira Savchenko, CEO of BDO in Ukraine
Andrii Borenkov, Head of Advisory at BDO in Ukraine
Victor Nevmerzhitsky, Tax Partner at BDO in Ukraine
Vitaliy Strukov, Corporate Finance Partner at BDO in Ukraine
Olga Vovk, Senior Regional Manager – Europe, Export Development Canada
Speaker from EBRD (pending confirmation)
Hon. Wayne Easter, President, Razom Invest Canada


Note: Information on this event is shared on behalf of the Canadian-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce.