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Jun 28, 2022

Member Spotlight: Be.neat Studio

Declutter, organize, pack, design. Be.neat Studio helps families transform spaces to free up time and space in their lives!  


Sarah Grant, Founder & Principal,recently moved from Toronto where she supported several real estate agents, designers and homeowners through professional organization and move management services. From navigating renos and new builds, to prepping for staging and selling, and establishing organizational systems in the unpacking process, Sarah brings her calm, can-do approach, eye for design, and unwavering dedication to help others move through life with ease. 


I see how important it is to eliminate clutter and orient our lives around our priorities. I enjoy working with other families to help them get clear on their goals and clear out anything getting in their way of achieving them.”  

Sarah Grant, Founder and Principal at Be.neat Studio 



Whether it’s dealing with everyday clutter or navigating a major move or reno, our organizing and packing services will help you find the calm beneath the clutter, carving out a neater home and a neater life. 


We wanted to get to know Sara a little bit better so we asked her a few questions:  

What is something you wish you knew when you first began? 

I started out as a professional organizer, recognizing a need among families to streamline, simplify and structure their space, particularly shared family spaces.  

When the pandemic restrictions were in full force in Ontario, I shifted to offer my services in the real estate industry; helping people navigate moves or renos and settle into new spaces. Even though this was not what I had originally set out to do, I found it to be even more rewarding.  

Buying a new home or renovating can be a hectic, stressful time for anyone, on top of juggling families and careers or for those with less mobility. I feel so valued as a professional to help guide them through these major life transitions efficiently and effortlessly, so they can feel settled sooner. 


What is something people might not know about your business? 
Although I’ve been in business for 3 years, it has been a lifetime in the making. Growing up my family moved every couple years as my dad bought, renovated and sold houses. I went to business school and spent 14 years in broadcasting working in marketing for channels like HGTV & Food Network. I’ve always had a love of design and straddled the worlds of arts and business. I continued on the pace of moving often, during university and up until my second child was born. And now we are in Kelowna!  



What are you looking forward to/planning for the future? 

I enjoy meeting new people and getting involved in our new community, starting with my kids and their school/activities. As my children settle in, I’m excited to form new partnerships and collaborations with my business, and build up my roster of organizers to participate in larger team-based projects. I’d love to hear from other members who are interested in connecting!  


Connect and learn more about Sarah through her website at https://www.beneatstudio.com/