Proposals for New Chamber By-Laws

**UPDATE August 27, 2019**: SPECIAL GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING - Friday September 13, 2019 @ 11:55 a.m. at the Ramada Hotel & Conference Centre

The purpose of this short meeting is to deal with the “notice of motion” that was tabled at the July 23 special meeting.


Moved by: Nikki Csek

Seconded by: Carmen Sparg



BYLAW 13 Conditions of Membership/ Admission of Members

Change to delete “Council by ordinary resolution” as noted by strike through text and add “Members by special resolution” as underlined.

An individual or organization proposed for membership in the Board of Trade pursuant to the section on membership conditions of this By-Law is only admitted to membership in the Board of Trade if the proposed Member so consents and their membership is approved at a Meeting of the Council by ordinary Resolution Members by Special Resolution of the Members. An individual or organization so admitted to membership in the Board of Trade is a Member with all the related rights and obligations immediately as of the receipt of such approval.


BYLAW 50 Committees of Council

Change to add “and remuneration” as underlined.

The Council may from time to time appoint any committee or other advisory body and its members as it deems necessary or appropriate for such purposes and, subject to the Act and By-Laws, with such powers as the Council shall see fit. Any such committee may formulate its own rules of procedure, subject to such regulations or directions as the Council may from time to time make. The duties and remuneration of any such committee shall be set by the Council. Any committee may be disbanded by the Council and committee member may be removed by the Council. All committees made or appointed by the Council shall report to the Council.

The following notice of motion was tabled and accepted at a Special Membership Meeting held on March 6, 2019: 

Moved by Dominic Rampone / Seconded by Nikki Csek that the members of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce replace the existing by-laws with the new by-laws dated March 3, 2019.

This motion will be considered by members at the AGM at 11:30 am on Wednesday April 3rd at the Delta Grand Hotel. There is no cost for members to attend the Annual General Meeting though there is a charge if you wish to stay for the luncheon with Mayor Colin Basran. (See event calendar).

The proposed updated bylaw is available for download as is a copy of our current bylaw

For your ease of identifying the changes we provide the following notes that highlight the materially significant changes in the new vs. current bylaws:

  • The new bylaw references "Board of Trade" which means the same as “Chamber of Commerce” and uses the word “Council” which is interchangeable with “Board”.

The new bylaw is different from the current year 2000 bylaw in that it:

  • Is gender neutral.
  • Increases flexibility in electronic notification and voting,
  • Is in alignment with recent interpretation of the Federal Boards of Trade Act
  • Creates one class of membership (individual or organization) that has all the same rights and obligations.
  • Notes that members will elect the President, Vice President and Secretary as well as a minimum of an additional eight (8) Directors as required by the Boards of Trade Act.
  • Highlights the requirement for quarterly membership meetings
  • Allows absentee voting at meetings of members.
  • Defines a term of office as being one year and provides a term limit of eight (8) years.
  • Provides the Council (Board) the right to invite others to participate in Board meetings including the Past President though those guests or advisors will not have a right to make a motion or vote on a motion being considered by the Council.
  • Allows the Council (Board) to appoint a Treasurer if it wishes to.
  • Provides a clean dispute resolution process.
  • Moves the process for appointing an “honourary life member” into the Board’s Policy Manual.
  • Also moves minor housekeeping items such as the nomination and election process into the Board’s Governance Policy Manual which can be changed without having to change the bylaw.

About Kelowna Chamber By-laws

The Kelowna Chamber of Commerce was incorporated as a nonprofit society in 1906. To fit an evolving business world, various revisions to our By-laws have been tabled and adopted by our membership over the years. 

Our Chamber is legally registered with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, a federal body. Once a change to our By-laws are proposed, the government approval process takes six months to a year. If the federal government wishes other changes, we will come back to the membership for another vote of approval.

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