Nominations for the 2022 Top 40 Under 40 are now closed!

BDO Top 40 Under 40 program recognizes young professionals in our community and their many accomplishments. We'll be regularly showcasing our honourees here, on social media and in the news from now until July 2022. Be sure to check back regularly and send your congrats to our fantastic top 40's!



The 2022 Honourees: 

Sana Sharam
Colin Edstrom
Jaxon Jurome
Navjit Khun Khun
Jeff Houghton
Laura Struik
AJ Hazzi
Kristen Cabernel
Bobby Bissessar
Naomi Mison
Jason Blucke
Lindsay Partington
Alicia Meier
Samantha Ulasy
Morgan Decksheimer
Lesley Olsen
Anjali Inman
Aaron Derrickson
Dr. Amber Burridge
Daniel Bussiere
Philipp Reichert
Dr. Benjamin Mou
Julien Gibon
Kyla Magee (Stewart)
Candice Loring
David Kemp
Jeff Hoffart
David Herrington
Shiven Vinod Khera
Krista Mallory
Marika Soleil
Gursagar Singh
Ashley Lohse
Greg Bickert
Charlene Ronquillo
Rick Dhaliwal
Tanvir Gill
ShangNing Zhu
Justin Fraser
Leanne Kuhn